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Under-appreciated Animals: Fossa

The Fossa is a cat-like, carnivorous mammal that is endemic to Madagascar. Several of the animal’s physical features are adaptions to climbing through trees. It uses its tail to aid in balance and has semi-retractable claws that it uses to climb trees in its search for prey. Fossas communicate using sounds, scents, and visual signals. Vocalizations include purring, a threatening call, and a call of fear


sorry gus gus!!!


"Why is your pig wearing a hat?"
"He sunburns real easy."


Official scenes from Mother 3 that Itoi wasn’t able to show ingame.

From the Mother 3i photo album [x]



the smash 4 metagame is off to a beautiful beginning

This is like Divekick levels of simplicity and it is GREAT.

Video Game Challenge: [1/7] video games - Final Fantasy XIII
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